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Our first product, the E-Z Floss® Dental Floss Holder, found immediate success as an innovative instrument to promote flossing. With our standard of excellence established, subsequent products were developed to further assist with individual plaque control programs.

Located in Palm Springs, California, U.S.A., we ship world-wide.

What we offer

We have a complete line of dental hygiene products: E-Z FLOSS® Holder, E-Z SWAB TIP™, E-Z SWEEP™ TONGUE CLEANER, E-Z TOTE™ HANDLE, E-Z INTERDENTAL BRUSHES, E-Z FLOSS® THREADER, E-Z HANDLE™, and toothbrushes for all ages.





What our customers say

"E-Z Floss: Please send me more of your wonderful flossers. I'm always touting to my friends and relatives how great they are. Why have I never seen them in any stores? Oh well, it's more fun to get them right from the source. Thank you"
Anni H., Westwood, California

"EZ Floss (used & recommended since '72)--doesn't break & it's small enough to slip into every shirt pocket I own."

"Can you tell me where I can purchase one or more of your flossers? I got one from an oral surgeon about 10 years ago and it's the best I've ever used." Patricia C, San Diego, California

"This is the only floss holder I can use I guess because my teeth are so close together. Thank You very much for selling me such a great product at an amazing price. To me it priceless." John T.

"I have one of your original e-z floss holders and love it." Brad O., Moore, Oklahoma

"I recently broke my E-Z floss holder which I had been using for over 20 years... E-Z Floss holders are by far the best dental floss holders on the market. They keep tension better than any other holder. Those “C” shaped style floss holders are worthless." Gary V.

"where can I buy one of these?? someone sent one to my husband when he was deployed last year and he loves it! Now his is broken and we are devastated!! ha ha, but really we are loving to floss and so are our children." Jodi .L.

"I have been using your product for years and they have saved my teeth. Please tell me how or where to find new flossers." Brenda S., Kingman, Arizona

"A friend told me about Mr. Flossman and she gave me hers. I'm loving it and now feel guilty for taking hers!" Rozanne Z., San Francisco, California

"I would like to order a couple of your Mr. Flossman flossers. I have used 2 of them for years ... I think they are the best design to use for flossing." Linda H.

"I just want to say that I never really flossed until my fiance introduced me to one of these. It used to be so difficult to floss (that's why so few people floss), and now it's easy (I love to floss now!), PLUS I can use whatever floss I want and I don't have to buy disposable flossers and pollute the environment. AND they're made in the USA?! Wow! And your flosser lasts a LONG time... I also think they're sold way too cheap for how long they last."James P.

"I have had an "E-Z Floss" since 1976 and have not seen it available in stores since. I am reluctant to take it on trips with me, in case I forget it somewhere." Neal A.

"I am searching for one of your products – a dental floss holder Mr. Flossman. I have used them for years..." Bob M., Santa Rosa, Califonia.

"All Kids Dental suggest that parents consider using an E-Z Floss Flosser®. These hand-held flossing aids are stronger than pharmacy flossers and much more convenient for parents to properly floss quickly and comfortably."